About Us…

From the Desk of Alisha J. Chase-Smith, Creator of The BoneYard Barkery…

When Lionel came into our lives in August of 2002, we wanted to be sure that we took the very best care of him possible. One of the main concerns that we had was that we weren’t sure if we were feeding him the best quality of dog treats possible. After a great deal of research, I found that most of the store bought treats were loaded with preservatives, fats, high amounts of sodium, and other processed ingredients and fillers.

So one Christmas, while I was making cookies for my “human family and friends," I decided to make Lionel his own special “batch” of holidays cookies. Lionel could not get enough of them, so after the holidays passed, I decided to continue to make our four-legged “son” more treats.

Since then, with a lot of hard work, ingenuity, and persistence of quality, I decided to take my homemade gourmet dog treats to arts & craft fairs, local retail stores, and even the internet! With making a safe product for Lionel and all dogs the core of my business, I have been fortunate enough to watch The BoneYard Barkery blossom into an independent and rapidly growing small business.

And now I'm thrilled to announce my mom, Lionel's beloved Mema, has taken over The BoneYard Barkery. Pat has helped to make The BoneYard Barkery into the well-oiled machine that it is for years now and we are so excited that she is the businesses new owner. She is in the process of getting a number of craft shows ready for the Fall, revamping our website, and helping Lionel bark-up thousands of delcious, fresh treats!


And Don’t Forget…
All of the products are registered with the New York State Department of Agriculture and are all crude tested and analyzed. We use only the finest quality of ingredients for our treats. Several of our delicious Gourmet Dog Treats Contain and/or are decorated with CAROB, which resembles chocolate. So what Is CAROB? CAROB is a cocoa-less treat that are found in Carob-Bean Pods in the Mediterranean Region. CAROB is naturally caffeine free, low in fat, and aids in digestion! We only use SUGAR-FREE CAROB, which makes it better for your dog too! And we ONLY use SUGAR-FREE CAROB (NOT CHOCOLATE) for our decorating.

Please Note...
Although our treats are all natural and we have taste-tested them on Lionel and his friends, not all pets are alike and some may even have food allergies. All of our ingredients are listed on the back of EACH treat package and we ask that you check with your four-legged friend’s veterinarian if you are unsure as to how your pet may react. We cannot be held responsible for any allergic reaction or choking from our treats.

On behalf of Lionel and The BoneYard Barkery staff, we thank you for your patronage,
support, and feedback! All of you four-legged doggies are the reason we continue
to hold such high standards of quality for our treats!

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