Frequently Asked Questions
Asked by You...Answered by Lionel!

Are these treats safe for my dog?
Yes, in fact, some of our ingredients actually assist in digestion. We have talked with our veterinarians about our treats but we encourage you to check with your vet too!

I thought chocolate was bad for dogs, why is yours’ safe?
Several of our delicious Gourmet Dog Treats Contain and/or are decorated with CAROB, which resembles chocolate. CAROB is a cocoa-less treat that are found in Carob-Bean Pods in the Mediterranean Region. CAROB is naturally caffeine free, low in fat, and aids in digestion! We only use SUGAR-FREE CAROB, which makes it better for your dog too! And we ONLY use SUGAR-FREE CAROB (NOT CHOCOLATE) for our decorating.

When should I give my dog your treats?
Anytime is a good time, just remember they are treats and should be given between normal meals and not in excess.

What if the treat is too hard for my dog to enjoy?
To soften the texture of the treat, place the item in a zip lock with a piece of bread, it will moisten the treat overnight.

What is the shelf life of these treats?
We tell people that they last for up to six to nine months, but they can spontaneously disappear around dogs!


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